Buffalo chicken dip rules.

For me, it’s a food group of its own, a cheesy, spicy, creamy blend of perfection.

I first tasted buffalo chicken dip as a freshman/sophomore in high school. My family headed to my cousin Blainey’s house for a UFC pay-per-view event, and he had whipped some up for the occasion.

Love at first bite.

Obviously, we took the recipe from him — it’s so easy! — and we made it a billion times over the next few years.

Through college, buffalo chicken dip became a cheap staple for my roommate and me, and we prepared it regularly, experimenting with various offshoots (It’s not as good with BBQ sauce in place of the hot sauce. Trust me.).

Buffalo chicken pizza was a huge hit (literally buffalo chicken dip spread on a crust, topped with extra cheese, and baked … I’m not mad about it to this day) and we even scraped by when we ran out of chips by throwing some year-old oyster crackers into a bowl, mixing them around with some buffalo chicken dip, and eating it with a spoon.

Hard times.

Now though, years removed from those days, I think I’ve refined the buffalo chicken dip recipe to its peak form.

I won’t deny that regular ole, standard b-dip is great.

But this is better.

Try it out and let me know what you think or share your own tweaks to the OG recipe that can blow mine away. I’m always open to some buffalo dip experimentation.