Getting the perfect metal guitar tone represents a lifelong, never-ending quest for some guitarists.

As amp and processor technology continues to improve, the options to tweak your guitar tone follow suit, growing exponentially seemingly every day.

Do you need the latest Axe-FX to sound good? Should you stick to a classic, like a Peavey 5150 or a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier?

Do you really need a tube amplifier these days at all?

The good news is this:

The answer is always ‘yes.’ 

The great tone chase will never end. Every amp, every processor, every pedal, every pickup, and every guitar possesses unique nuances that will set it apart from competitors. Plug a Fender Telecaster into a Peavey 5150, then swap in a Gibson Les Paul and see what happens. The difference is immediate and noticeable.

But the thing is, you can achieve a great metal tone with damn near anything. You can blow $5,000+ on the “perfect” rig. Or you can get started for $500 or less.

The key is to know what you’re changing and why.

Establishing a basic foundation and developing an understanding for what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the perfect metal guitar tone is crucial, and that’s what I aim to do with my latest video, embedded below.

In the video, I take a relatively bare-bones rig and walk you through my thoughts and my experiences to help you craft your own perfect metal tone.

The equipment in the video:

Enjoy the show: