Gojira ‘Fortitude’ features some classic moments that will resonate with fans — emphasis on *some*…

Look, Gojira rules.

If you analyze my Apple Music listening history over the past three years, Gojira would account for a tremendous portion of my total listens. From their earlier work on The Link to 2016’s Magma, Gojira is responsible for creating some of my favorite metal tunes of all time.

With crushing rhythms and some of the best drumming I’ve ever heard in my life courtesy of Mario Duplantier, Gojira simply knows how to make that head bang. It’s beautiful.

So when Gojira released ‘Fortitude,’ their latest full-length album, April 30 via Roadrunner Records, I was first in line. Or first in the download queue. Whatever. You get the point.

I couldn’t wait to fire up this album. So I did — multiple times per day. But what I found surprised me. In fact, I was so shocked, I knew I had to verbalize my thoughts and feelings and cut an album review for the occasion.

Check it out in full right here: