Alluvial ‘Sarcoma’ represents the perfect marriage of technical and palatable metal — and the result is freakin’ beautiful. 

Alluvial slays. I knew this before diving into the band’s latest release, “Sarcoma,” which dropped May 28 via Nuclear Blast Records. But this album bears little similarity to Alluvial’s first full-length showcase, “The Deep Longing for Annihilation.”

On that 2017 offering, Alluvial guitarist/songwriter Wes Hauch and guitarist/producer Keith Merrow teamed up to drop a little project into the ears of metal fans worldwide. The result was pretty spectacular — but it left me wanting more.

Good as “The Deep Longing for Annihilation” was, it still, well … was what it was. Hauch and Merrow laid down plenty of horn-raisin’, head-bangin’ riffs and solos, but with no vocals and no firm direction, the album felt more like a showcase of their combined skills than an actual, full-length musical experience.

It was a talent show, not an album.

“Sarcoma” changes all that.

Merrow split, so Hauch added vocalist Kevin Muller, drummer Matt Paulazzo, and bassist Tim Walker to create a real, cohesive unit. The result is spectacular. From the opening song, Ulysses, to the album’s closer, Anodyne, “Sarcoma” straight-up brings the heat. Wicked riffs and rhythms combine with some of the best guitar works you will find anywhere, generating a legitimate album of the year contender.

Intrigued yet?

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