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Blue & Brown: A Short Story

Randall yanked his pickup left onto E Street, sending Janice into the passenger-side door with a light thud. She huffed.  “So close to home,” Randall thought, “and I give her a reason to complain. Guess I’ll dip into that bottle of brown tonight. Again.”  Randall dodged a pothole — then another — and made the [...]

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Guitar Lesson: 3 Easy, Cheap Tips for Killer Metal Tone

Getting the perfect metal guitar tone represents a lifelong, never-ending quest for some guitarists. As amp and processor technology continues to improve, the options to tweak your guitar tone follow suit, growing exponentially seemingly every day. Do you need the latest Axe-FX to sound good? Should you stick to a classic, like a Peavey 5150 or [...]

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Recipe: How to elevate your BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP game

Buffalo chicken dip rules. For me, it's a food group of its own, a cheesy, spicy, creamy blend of perfection. I first tasted buffalo chicken dip as a freshman/sophomore in high school. My family headed to my cousin Blainey's house for a UFC pay-per-view event, and he had whipped some up for the occasion. Love [...]

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Black Crown Initiate – ‘Violent Portraits of Doomed Escape’ review

Black Crown Initiate murders me. Check my most-played songs over the past six years, and you'll see tracks from the band's debut 2013 EP Song of the Crippled Bull as well as plenty of offerings from their first two full-length albums, The Wreckage of Stars (2014) and Selves We Cannot Forgive (2016). So when Black Crown Initiate dropped Violent Portraits of Doomed [...]

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Listenin’ with dad: Black Label Society’s ‘Order of the Black’

It's August of 2010. Home before college kicked back into swing for the fall semester, I sat down inside my childhood house, patiently awaiting the latest mail delivery. Online tracking tells me my present should arrive today. And when you pre-order an album, you want it to arrive now.  It did. At 1:04 p.m., the mailman [...]

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Intro to sous vide: The boujee crock-pot you need in your life

Crock-pots suck. I made that pretty clear when I called them "the most despicable appliance in culinary history," and I stand by the sentiment today. Thing is, I received some significant blowback for that post. You crock-pot clingers just couldn't accept that your beloved plug-and-go appliance might actually make you a bad person. Which it [...]

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Popeyes vs. Chick-Fil-A spicy chicken sandwich shootout

You have a craving only a fried chicken sandwich can satisfy. To your left sits a Popeyes. Just beside it is a Chick-Fil-A. Either restaurant will satisfy your need. But which one does it better? Yeah, I wondered that too. So I went to both places, ate 'em side-by-side, and shared my verdict. This was a [...]

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Album review: Fallujah ‘Dreamless’ just ain’t it

Oh, Fallujah, how you frustrate me.  This Bay Area group is like a mix-and-match six-pack of four Head Hunters and two Bud Light Limes. Reach in and pick a beer.  Ooo!  A Head Hunter! Tasty. Time for another? Pick again.  Womp womp. Bud Light Lime. Boy, I bet you’re disappointed, huh? Especially after that Head [...]

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