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Album review: Aesop Rock – ‘The Impossible Kid’

New-York-born hip-hop artist Aesop Rock is a literal wizard. I’m sure of it.  Prior to writing The Impossible Kid, Mr. Rock shacked up in a friend’s barn, getting away from the distractions, frustrations, and confusions afforded by day-to-day living in the concrete jungle. He stripped down his approach, and his mind followed suit, resulting in [...]

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Debate: Crock-pots are trash, and you should feel bad for using them

Point: Crock-pots are trash.  Everybody owns a crock-pot (or two), but nobody’s ever bought one. The crock-pot is the most despicable appliance in culinary history.  Just look at them, sitting there on the counter, slowly cooking your food, teasing you as they gently do their work. They take their sweet time, knowing they have you [...]

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